Why Your Marketing Copy Should be Vibrant

No time for words?

In the Content is King era, we hear continuous warnings to “be concise!”, especially when it comes to content. For those of you who have been living and breathing the mantra, keep it short... consider this counterpoint.

When Google went on a diet

The command to generate short content may have been - at least in part - a backlash to the keyword stuffing trend that preceded it, before the Google search engine changed its criteria. It was time for the Google beast to stop consuming empty calories in the form of meaningless copy and web content as we knew it, changed completely.

To click or not to click?

Brevity is just one valid piece of the evolving puzzle of social media and satellite postings. Seemingly stuck in a continuous loop of content volume overload, we are cajoled with provocative subject headers, and with that insistent beckoning - come on, click… you know you want to - we become acutely aware - again - of the daily time crunch.

Don’t sacrifice what’s sweet
in the service of what’s short!

The requisite to be concise has to be balanced with language that’s vibrant enough to spend your precious time reading and meaningful enough to feel that you’ve gained something valuable in the process.

Otherwise, it’s the equivalent of white noise on a page - and a waste of time risking carpal tunnel syndrome on useless clicks.

A good read is a great ride

It captures the reader’s imagination when it lilts, spikes and dips. It employs both long and short sentences, percusses a little, then waxes lyrical. Some words are monosyllabic - ironically that’s five syllables - and some are teased out. It pulls back, then rushes forward. Sometimes it pulls out all the stops.

It’s all good if the trajectory takes your reader somewhere pleasing.

A few extra well-chosen words are worth it

Sole dependence on the bare facts won’t do your business any favors. Because there are likely many businesses who provide similar products or services as yours, imagination is the void to be filled. Because Imagination evokes emotional connection which creates meaning. And that’s the stuff that makes a brand memorable.

We are people who just happen to be consumers

The next time you write a post try balancing out the rules of traditional copywriting for logic and clarity with descriptive phraseology. New brand enthusiasts are on the way!

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