The Client:
StrikeForce Technologies, Inc.

The Challenge:
In an effort to avert the common pitfalls that newly-minted public companies experience, the client wanted to raise their brand profile for investor relations as they gained solid footing in the transition from private to public. 

The Work:
Telling their brand story to an investor-facing audience was the answer. The CEO was interviewed on the details that would convey his milestone journey from pre-launch to the present, public narrative in order to generate interest, capital and maintain forward momentum.

May the Force be with You:
StrikeForce Technologies, Inc.
Tightens its Grip on Cyber Security

With great technology, comes the potential for great abuse. StrikeForce Technologies, Inc., eradicates the latter. For the past 15 years, the company’s Executive Vice President, George Waller and Chief Technology Officer, Ram Pemmaraju have been fighting the good fight against identity theft and data breaches over the Internet for PC, Mac and mobile devices with a quadrangle of cyber security products.

When StrikeForce was established in 2001 the company’s identity was unclear. At that time, Waller was juggling a cluster of companies as EVP of the software development division at InfoPro Corporation. Pemmaraju, formerly of Bell Labs, was working from home, quietly developing his proprietary Out-of-Band authentication technology platform. A friend of Waller’s intuitively facilitated a meeting between the two. Their partnership was inevitable. So, Waller resigned from his position at InfoPro Corporation and gambled on StrikeForce where soon after, Pemmaraju was dubbed the company’s tech wunderkind. This talented duo makes the company what it is today, public and with growing technologies that augment existing technologies.

In the hyper-vigilant world of StrikeForce security, who you are, what you have, and what you know are essential configurable tools for computer systems access. Who you are encompasses multiple forms of biometrics; things that are strictly unique to each individual such as facial, finger vein, and voice recognition. Add to that criteria, what you have like a physical item in the user’s possession from a key fob or hard token, to what you know such as obscure personal information, and you get precise layers of safety and security.

By incorporating a One-time Password Generator app into the technology, ProtectID enables password changes at an astonishing rate, every 30-60 seconds. This technology annihilates corporate espionage and theft.

Waller’s team will continue to build out their product line; they are committed to making the world a safer place to compute with cutting edge innovation.

For many years, upon heading out in the morning to StrikeForce headquarters, Waller has said to his wife, “I’m off to save the world.” Now, they have a ritual that’s evolved into a kind of shorthand. “You know what I’m going to do…” he coaxes his wife. She obliges him, “Yep, to save the world!”