There’s Public, There’s Private, and Then... There’s Lurie

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Accounting has a broad spectrum of specialty areas and workplace cultures. Then there’s Lurie, LLP, a progressive firm based out of Minneapolis that’s built a signature environment to uphold its customer-forward thinking.

The current national reality of talent scarcity stokes Senior Talent Acquisitions Specialist, Ashley Carroll with purpose. Her scouting efforts are bolstered by the advantage of being on the Lurie team and spreading the word throughout a network of college campuses and job boards, and on LinkedIn. Ashley reports that the firm’s greatest attribute is, “hands down… our culture.”

As a CPA looking for new employment digs, the fundamental question is, what are you looking for? Your quintessential match will be the one where values mesh. The best way to determine this is take a peek inside.

An Environment Where CPAs are Encouraged to Grow
Owing to a 75-year foothold in the industry and its mid-market size, Lurie has created a unique business model that combines a variety of work typically found at a public firm with the collegial feel and culture of its counterpart. As a result of the firm’s brand agility, team members are encouraged to forge their own career success fostered by strategic guidance from management. They offer a sense of career autonomy with accountability benchmarks.

Unlike larger, public firms, the Lurie philosophy prefers innovative thought leadership cultivated by a broad knowledge base rather than specialization. Without the limitations imposed by industry-exclusive parameters, exposure to multiple variables regarding business type and size breeds creative problem solving.

The opportunity to work with startups and handle succession matters as well, adds compelling material to the everyday narrative. They work within multiple industries that include Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing and Retail.

Relationships Matter
Team members develop close-knit client relationships as trusted advisors, sometimes working with them on a daily basis on consulting matters.

Ranging from 120-140 full time team members, the firm’s Open Door Policy assures a cooperative interdepartmental rapport for exceptional collaboration and project outcomes. For example, while the Entrepreneurial Services Group is the primary point of contact for small business clients, if tax advice is needed, it’s all hands on deck. They depend on and receive the support needed to perform at peak.

Appreciation and Team Building
The work at Lurie can be challenging and sometimes complicated, especially during busy season. Management helps to maintain balance, planning outings for team building to offset those demands. During tax season meals are provided for everyone, both lunch and dinner, allowing them to stay well and on point.

Derek Chamberlain, a Senior Associate in the Audit Department, is heading into his third busy season with the firm. Last year, immediately following busy season, he was chosen to be in a leadership role at the MNCPA (Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants) conference. In the middle of the event, and observed by other CPAs from competing firms, Derek’s busy season gift was hand delivered. When he opened a box with a Samsung watch inside, heads turned and comments flew. “You get busy season gifts?” they gasped. The previous year, they were all gifted with iPads.

The Bottom Line
Every one knows that loyal clientele make businesses flourish. Lurie holds fast to the belief that skilled, dedicated team professionals are the ultimate assets, at the very core of what drives business forward.