The Client:

The Challenge:
The client wanted palatable language for their performance bedding products that would speak to two specific audiences, the early adopters as well as the comfort seekers, while maintaining a through line connecting to their already existing copy style.

The Work:
Product descriptions were developed from an understanding of the bedding marketplace and the brand's unique positioning as the world's first performance bedding company combined with the benefits of improved sleep quality, uninterrupted by temperature fluctuations.


Prepare your mind and body for an exceptional day tomorrow with the latest addition to our suite of performance bed sheets. The SHEEX® Active Comfort Performance Sheet Set works hard when you’re at rest. That’s when the features that keep you cool and comfy are actively engaged. Performance fibers channel moisture and heat away from your body and maintain ideal body temperature for quality sleep. You already know why sleep is important. SHEEX® innovative cooling bedding brings deep benefits at night to enhance the day.


What’s better than a cooling mattress pad to keep your body gently aloft in softness? SHEEX® Pro•Sleep Mattress Pad offers ultimate relaxation when paired with its companion Pro•Sleep Comforter. Both contain a down alternative fill encased in performance bedding, with moisture wicking properties designed to keep you deep in REM sleep without interruptions from body temperature fluctuation so that you wake up refreshed and ready.


The right bedding can soothe the savage beast in anyone after a grueling day. SHEEX® Performance Fleece creates a calming, ultra-soft cloud from head to toe, under and over. Brilliantly engineered performance fleece bed sheets promise to keep you cozy without temperature variance. Burrow down in between plush double-brushed performance bedding to make it all better again.