Be Amazing... and Purposeful

Written by Robin Vaughn and Edited by Carmen Yazejian of Network9
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Be a Thought Leader

  • Most trade shows have speakers or panels of experts. One of the most effective ways of garnering thought leadership status is by giving a talk on a subject you know inside and out. You’ll be remembered for what you say and do, and presentations often lead to new business.

  • Choose a topic that will help the audience in their own business. If you can teach them one important thing, they will never forget you. Share your knowledge.

  • Create a visual slide presentation or video to hold their interest. Keep it very simple. Images with simple headlines connect and help people remember what you said. You can even send a PDF of it to engage post-show.

  • Rehearse and refine your presentation until you can do it in your sleep.

Plan Something Interactive
Here’s your chance to be creative. Brainstorm ideas with your staff ahead of time to see how you can engage visitors in an experiential activity.

When people are physically engaged, they remember you.

Go wild! Be creative. But be appropriate to your brand. Here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices going:

  • Rent a photo booth and post the photos on social sites. Have a cool background where they can take a selfie. It gives visitors “permission” to loosen up and have fun, while it performs wonders for your social media presence.

  • Have them express themselves by writing in a book or draw on a wall covered in paper. Have a video camera set up and ask people things like what their 3 wishes would be, or what would make their lives easier or better. A simple puzzle to solve might be fun, or a wheel of fortune (brand oriented of course!).

  • You can get a little marketing information as well, such as asking what your visitors read or watch, which can translate into understanding them better and knowing where to advertise. There are a million ways to engage people. Have fun with this one.

Cement Your Brand
Think of your trade show presentation as your brand on steroids. Your brand quotient is the sum of its parts; visually, verbally and in all matters concerning style and tone, with brand messaging positioned right in front.

Plan every aspect of your display from the banner to the giveaway to what your staff talks about so that it aligns with your purpose and cements your brand.

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