Renny Itwaru, Director of Business Development, Supercell Solutions, Inc.
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I am the guardian and the invisible glue of massively productive business relationships.

On the surface, I deliver Managed IT Services to my clients in the Hospitality and satellite industries. In truth, I’m responsible for maintaining a zero friction outcome from behind the scenes so they can serve up their brilliance, front and center. And for that, they have mad love.

After years of sharpening my skills on the frontlines of technology deliverables and trends, I’m able to navigate cyber waves and thrust fatal blows to security threats in the underlying landscape that is your business operations. Since then, organic referrals have opened the doors of the Property Management and Events space, adding new areas of specialty.

As the founder and co-partner of Supercell Solutions, we are cobblers of cabling, wizards of wifi, mavens of web design and masters of  telecommunications. If it has cables, code, computer chips, or transmits wirelessly, you’re in Supercell Solutions territory.

Seamless systems ops is the only payoff that matters for businesses that depend largely on the customer experience. You’ll find me shamelessly enthusiastic about devising business solutions.

I’ll be there when you want to build the perfect-fit network, to walk you through a new process or talk you down from a virtual ledge if things get rocky. Don’t worry… I’m not afraid of commitment.

Anyone up for a Happy Hour systems evaluation? It won’t cost a thing. Reach out for zealous, full-spectrum business development and blissful tech management.

In Review
Me:    Agile thinker. Diehard techie. Engine of ingenuity.
You:   Audacious business builder. Big picture proponent.
Us:    Technology integrated partners. Happy in our long term relationship.

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Who is Supercell Solutions?
We are a Managed Service Provider, a tightly focused team of experts perpetually involved in the seamless day to day operations of the Hospitality, Events and Property Management spaces. We’re a comprehensive small business resource for newly-minted enterprises to get up and running without a hitch. We are one with our clients and their ongoing needs for information technology, telecommunications, surveillance, A\V, network infrastructure, Wifi, web design and development, brand messaging, copywriting and social media marketing.

Our flagship services started with telecommunications and network infrastructure setups for restaurants and bars, in addition to massive cabling jobs and security installations for hotels. Now, we carry backup systems and cloud storage redundancy for business continuity across industry verticals and sizes in our back pocket. It’s a kangaroo pocket.

Translating your needs and our observations into client benefits
We noticed that many small businesses contend with the headache of fractured vendor resources. To remedy multiple contact syndrome, we’ve condensed it to one point person; one main man will know how to respond to your needs at any given moment.

Everyday practices like our Electronic Ticketing System for hyper-responsive customer care and Remote Monitoring and Management are the foundations of trust. We never stop working to earn it.

What makes us compelling in the marketplace now?
After little more than two rapid-fire years of Managed Services - and without a single dollar invested in marketing - we’re ready to grow this bad boy from word-of-mouth to market scalability.

Supercell Solutions is positioned in front of emerging technology. As new advancements roll out, we expect to be early adopters to enable a smaller footprint and impact on client savings.

Supercell Solutions, Inc.
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Alan Cohen, Founder Alan Cohen Executive Coaching
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Are you game?
In our careers, we plan and push, but forget to play. When did exploration, excursion and humor get such a bad rap?

Upleveling is a mindgame
Following 20 years embedded in the Public Relations and Human Resources fields, the drive for heightened connectivity took hold. I packed my skill set and brought it to executive and business coaching, training, speaking and book writing.

My business mojo spurs career growth and transition, navigates fluidity and empathy interdepartmentally, and provides entrepreneurial coaching. In corporate settings this translates to keynote speaking, team-building, seminars and coaching for executives on the growth track or in transition. In the small business environment, it’s just you and me, fortifying growth.

The gameboard

● Targeted exercises align departmental teams

● Mind-mapping tools gain clarity around what comes next

● Guided visualization creates space for transformation

● Mindfulness techniques pulse on positive thought patterning

● Clearly articulated goals target effective actions

Adding plain horse sense opens the field, guideposts and all.

How the pieces move
Connect to stakeholders and yourself, and the universe will cultivate business. Expect to be challenged and gratified.

Are you a player?
Are you ready for no-holds barred guidance?
Do you value the process that urges progress?
Are you willing to go “there”?

What you get for playing
All of me. Heart and soul and reams of flow.

Clients will tell you that I’m a master connector and conduit, a maverick business amplifier and needle mover.

From a personal standpoint, I’ve flubbed up plenty and am all the richer for it. Ask me to share.

Get Serious About Play
It’s about wooing best practices. Give a head-bobbling nod to the great adventure of doing business amazingly well.